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released September 14, 2010

All songs written and recorded by Mike Radack in the Potentially Haunted Basement over the course of Summer 2010.

All songs copyright 2010




Primary Tones Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: What Big Teeth
Such a dull knife can't even split the day in half
Or even kill the pain, but it still cuts my thumb
When it tries, it leaves me bloody
After days of throwing it in between my fingers
What big eyes, but you can't even see:
Oh my god, what big teeth you have
Please don't bite down to devour me
But I'm here to help, I'm here to help, I'm here

Everything was beautiful and everything hurt
And then everything was beautiful and nothing hurt anymore

And when I woke up, I was the ocean, swelled and my fingers,
They stretched from coast to coast to coast to coast
And I'd breathe in your sails if you had
Anywhere at all to be at all
So don't you ask me where we are
Don't ask me because I told you I don't know
We're lost at sea, and that's everything
That's everything that I know

And, friend you're a hill today, but tomorrow, I swear,
Tomorrow you'll be a mountain
If creeks can carve a rock in two, I know you're sharper than
This dull knife

This isn't a public service announcement
It's more like a battle cry,
So climb up onto your chairs, look out the window and say it!
We're humans, god dammit, and our lives have value!
Track Name: A Joke Or Two
Let’s be realistic, no one ever said you’d succeed
You’ve taken on everything and there’s no room to breathe
The world has to deal with these crowds every day,
And I feel so powerless when I can’t defeat my enemy

So in defense of my dignity, I’m leaving these bones
I’ve packed all my things up and I am headed home,
I just hope that when I get there,
Someone will be around to take me back in

So for one last Toronto sunrise,
I will live to the fullest extent
And for one more Maryland sunset
I will never wish that I was dead again
And for one more day where I got what I deserved
I would trade everything

I’ll tell a joke or two about the cold, I’ll tell them everything was beautiful,
I’ll even let them stab into me and I’ll act like it’s alright,
But they won’t know how heavy it can get, they won't see the weight
They won’t see that the loneliness will penetrate

From your spine to your head,
Until you're lying in bed
Echoing things that you’ve said,
Then you’re up to get fed.
No, it’s not worth it to live
Like a plant that’s been ripped
From the roots to the stem,
Left to die by your hands
But with time, and sunlight
I will re-pot myself and I will grow again

It’s hard to pay attention with these cold city lights
When you’re only asleep from the morning until the night
So let me thaw my cold arms, let me torch my heart out
I’m not giving up, I just need someone to love me for now
Track Name: Cat's Cradle
There are days I can imagine
Sitting in between the words of conversation
Between heretics, and anarchists, and God
Just as there are days I might be found
Perching up on telephone poles
Hooked up, linking together such a lonely world.
These little spools of tangled threads,
The strings that tie us all together
Someday they will have to come undone

Fear is the reaction I'm looking for
When you ask me, what's in store
For me and my home and town
And I tell you everything’s going to burn to the ground
Then freeze back over some day.

So, Hector, your brother betrayed you
And now your neck has been speared through
But don't you dare ask for mercy or pity.

Because, I myself am surrounded by swords
And if you can bring die on your own accord
Then certainly I, too, can bring on such fatalism.

Joy is the emotion I'm searching for
When you ask me what I'm doing here
Because my answer is to sit and watch
And not much more

Save our souls, save our souls, save our souls
We are pleading in morse code

So what is the emotion you're digging for?
Does it have a name you can call it by?
Or is it stuck between the words in that dialog
Between the population and their god?
Track Name: Wasteland
Whoever said April’s the cruelest month,
He forgot to mention all the others
So let’s forgive his mistakes now
And then we’ll add in all of our favorites

And yeah, I know I talk a lot about my personal disasters,
But if you wanted a wasteland,
You would’ve been better off in December

Welcome to hell, the sign should read,
Everything in this town is either brittle or breaking
Like it’s been sighing under pressure for years
Because the sky’s been leaning in way too closely
And now it’s the same color gray as the dirty snow
That we’ve been shoving to the sides of the roads

And we’ll calm down by singing songs about Texas,
Even though we’ve never even been to the state line.
We’ll come up with code names and a language
We’ll come up gasping for air

When the roots collect snow, the leaves are gone
The world forgets how to grow
Oh, the humanity of it all
And maybe when the snow melts away, somewhere you’ll find me lying in the wreckage
Weeds growing around my ankles, flowers bloom in sunlight

But Fingernails can only dig so far through the dirt
So manifest destiny will take me through to the surface
And if winter couldn’t leave fast, fast enough
We’re on a slippery slope back to summer

You could ask anyone and they’d tell you the same thing
It’s all about momentum
Track Name: Canadiens
It's 3AM and I swear the sun is never coming back again
And even if it did, it would never be the same as we remember it
I've spent the last six hours vomiting up the last remains I could find of myself
And I know that you liked me the way that I was

But I just can't live like this anymore

Go take a walk and clear your mind, it'll help you clearly define
Where my life with you starts and where it ends
I want you to know that no matter what happens, we're all sorry for our desperate actions
If I ever come back home, I'll get my duct tape and my safety pins

But I just can't live like this
No, we just can't live like this
Track Name: In An Artery
Cold tile floor in the winter
I am not ready to face the day
Every moment, every ache, every splinter
Actions add up until they melt away
And I will sleep while clouds go by overhead
Get some peace while rockets cut the sky
Sink into bed, let these years crush my bones
Because as cracked as I am, it’ll only go to show that

You won’t get the best of me!
Oh no, you won’t get the best of me!
Eight full hours of restful sleep
Exorcise me of all anxiety

For a country that gets
An annual two hundred fifty thousand feet of rain
No one here knows how to act
When the weather turns grey
Traffic stopped along every single highway
And the median is full of roadkill
What a messy, busy place
Turning out millions of homeless everyday

You’re floating away in an artery
Far away from this broken, blistered town
But it’s heart will beat you back
It’ll beat you right back up to me