Acoustic track turned into a drum-and-guitar combo. Written in January 2010 in Mike's dorm.


Let’s be realistic, no one ever said you’d succeed
You’ve taken on everything and there’s no room to breathe
The world has to deal with these crowds every day,
And I feel so powerless when I can’t defeat my enemy

So in defense of my dignity, I’m leaving these bones
I’ve packed all my things up and I am headed home,
I just hope that when I get there,
Someone will be around to take me back in

So for one last Toronto sunrise,
I will live to the fullest extent
And for one more Maryland sunset
I will never wish that I was dead again
And for one more day where I got what I deserved
I would trade everything

I’ll tell a joke or two about the cold, I’ll tell them everything was beautiful,
I’ll even let them stab into me and I’ll act like it’s alright,
But they won’t know how heavy it can get, they won't see the weight
They won’t see that the loneliness will penetrate

From your spine to your head,
Until you're lying in bed
Echoing things that you’ve said,
Then you’re up to get fed.
No, it’s not worth it to live
Like a plant that’s been ripped
From the roots to the stem,
Left to die by your hands
But with time, and sunlight
I will re-pot myself and I will grow again

It’s hard to pay attention with these cold city lights
When you’re only asleep from the morning until the night
So let me thaw my cold arms, let me torch my heart out
I’m not giving up, I just need someone to love me for now


from Forget​-​Me​-​Now, released September 14, 2010
Mike Radack - vocals, acoustic guitar
Nat Hartten - drums, vocals




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