Written in Mike's dorm in May 2010


It's 3AM and I swear the sun is never coming back again
And even if it did, it would never be the same as we remember it
I've spent the last six hours vomiting up the last remains I could find of myself
And I know that you liked me the way that I was

But I just can't live like this anymore

Go take a walk and clear your mind, it'll help you clearly define
Where my life with you starts and where it ends
I want you to know that no matter what happens, we're all sorry for our desperate actions
If I ever come back home, I'll get my duct tape and my safety pins

But I just can't live like this
No, we just can't live like this


from Forget​-​Me​-​Now, released September 14, 2010
Mike Radack - Vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass
Nat Hartten - drums, electric guitar, vocals
Dia Windhoffer - Backing vocals
Jamie Ingraham - Backing vocals
Cyrus Fitch - Backing vocals
Soren Dodge - Backing vocals




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