An old Incompl recording made all brand new. Written in Mike's bedroom, January 2009.


There are days I can imagine
Sitting in between the words of conversation
Between heretics, and anarchists, and God
Just as there are days I might be found
Perching up on telephone poles
Hooked up, linking together such a lonely world.
These little spools of tangled threads,
The strings that tie us all together
Someday they will have to come undone

Fear is the reaction I'm looking for
When you ask me, what's in store
For me and my home and town
And I tell you everything’s going to burn to the ground
Then freeze back over some day.

So, Hector, your brother betrayed you
And now your neck has been speared through
But don't you dare ask for mercy or pity.

Because, I myself am surrounded by swords
And if you can bring die on your own accord
Then certainly I, too, can bring on such fatalism.

Joy is the emotion I'm searching for
When you ask me what I'm doing here
Because my answer is to sit and watch
And not much more

Save our souls, save our souls, save our souls
We are pleading in morse code

So what is the emotion you're digging for?
Does it have a name you can call it by?
Or is it stuck between the words in that dialog
Between the population and their god?


from Forget​-​Me​-​Now, released September 14, 2010
Mike Radack - Vocals, guitars
Jamie Ingraham - Saxophone, vocals
Dia Windhoffer - Ukulele, vocals
Donald Borenstein - Bass
Nat Hartten - Drums, razor




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