Originally an acoustic Incompl track, written in Summer 2009 in Mike's room. The original, interestingly enough, was recorded in the same house that the final was recorded in.


Cold tile floor in the winter
I am not ready to face the day
Every moment, every ache, every splinter
Actions add up until they melt away
And I will sleep while clouds go by overhead
Get some peace while rockets cut the sky
Sink into bed, let these years crush my bones
Because as cracked as I am, it’ll only go to show that

You won’t get the best of me!
Oh no, you won’t get the best of me!
Eight full hours of restful sleep
Exorcise me of all anxiety

For a country that gets
An annual two hundred fifty thousand feet of rain
No one here knows how to act
When the weather turns grey
Traffic stopped along every single highway
And the median is full of roadkill
What a messy, busy place
Turning out millions of homeless everyday

You’re floating away in an artery
Far away from this broken, blistered town
But it’s heart will beat you back
It’ll beat you right back up to me


from Forget​-​Me​-​Now, released September 14, 2010
Mike Radack - Vocals, guitar, slide guitar, handclaps
Donald Borenstein - Bass, vocals, handclaps
Dia Windhoffer - Backing vocals, handclaps
Cyrus Fitch - Drums, handclaps




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